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California an Amazing Travel Destination

Aside from the celebrity sightings in Hollywood, California holds a great appeal to visitors due to its diverse and colorful culture. As the third largest state, California can be considered as one of the places that you should never forget to visit if you ever step foot in the United States.

California is situated on the western coast of the United States. It is has always been a popular destination for international tourists. It has a number of beautiful national parks, relaxing beaches quiet northern forests and vineyards. It also provides a lot of excellent skiing opportunities and serves as the location of the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Disneyland, Giant redwoods and the Sierras. And as if these are not enough, you would also have the chance to catch the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises over the Pacific Ocean.

Here are some other areas in California that you could try visiting to get the most out of your travel experience!

San Francisco

San Francisco has a lot of tourist attractions and the most famous of which would be the Alcatraz Island which has once been a maximum security prison. It is also home to the Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic symbol of the city, the Golden Gate Park, the lively Fisherman’s Wharf, China town, along with the excellent seafood restaurants. It also offers several tourist activities such as the USS Midway that is an aircraft carrier which formerly served the Navy but is now a museum ship and is open to the public for viewing. You also should not miss the Cable Car System that is the only cable car system in the world which is manually-operated.

Los Angeles and Anaheim

Anaheim would be the home of the Disneyland Resort and Theme Park and is actually Mickey Mouse’s first home. There, you would be able to enjoy exhilarating rides, as well as live shows for younger children and the parades of some of the famous cartoon and Hollywood characters. Some other sights to see would be the Magic Kingdom and the California Adventure Park.

In Los Angeles, you may want to visit Hollywood which is located northwest of Downtown. Some other things to see would include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Legoland and the La Brea Tar Pits.

Sequoia National Park

This is the home of the giant Redwood and Sequoia trees. The most famous sites here would be the General Grant Tree, Giant Forest, General Sherman Tree, Grant Grove, Kings Canyon, the Redwood Mountain Grove and Muir Grove.

Napa Valley

As the famous wine-producing region in California, Napa Valley is visited by millions of tourists annually. Some other places to visit here would be the Wine Train, Old faithful geyser, the Culinary Institute of America, the Opera house, the Safari West wildlife tours. You could even go for a hot air balloon ride that would take you over the valley.

Yosemite National Park

This park is actually one of the first ever wilderness parks in the US. Some of the more popular attractions that are in the park would include the Eagle Peak, El Capitan, Glacier Point, Half Dome, Ribbon Fall, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley, Sentinel Dome and Bridal Veil Fall.

Lake and Mount Shasta

Lake Shasta is located to the north of Redding and is a fantastic recreational area which is surrounded by many beautiful mountains. It is famous for the Lake Shasta caverns. On the other hand, Mount Shasta is located a bit further north and serves as a great place for camping, climbing and trekking up the majestic mountain.

Some other places in California to visit for some fun and leisure would be the San Simeon Hearst Castle, the Sonoma Valley and the Bodega Bay, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Sea World and the Zoo of San Diego. California is truly one of the best travel destinations to go to if ever you would be planning a vacation. So if you have not visited California yet and would like to have the time of your life, then try booking a trip now.

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  • San Francisco?

    Hmmmm.....lived there for 20 years. Ain't quite like your pretty photos show, but has its moments.

    Have fun if you're going there but be careful. Lots of dangerous sections in the city.