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Zac Efron still can’t handle fan crowds

Zac Efron and Vanessa HudgensAmerican Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron says that he’s still not used to his fans doing mayhem just seeing him but still thanks fans for being there at the same time. The appearance of the teen star in Australia needed a large police presence, public barricades, street closure and publicists’ army just because of the various screaming fans who are keen to see the hunk in-person.

Zac said that when you walk out with just the volume of it and the hysteria somehow goes on, it gets him every time inevitably. He said he really doesn’t know how to handle it since he finds it weird inciting those kinds of reactions from his fans. The teen idol said that sometimes, he thinks that he never quite feels worthy of those reactions by his fans but he said he can’t withdraw because he wants to be there for them and he’s thankful that his fans are still there for him and still care at the same time.

Zac Efron became more popular after the “High School Musical” franchise’s huge success and blockbuster hits of his latest movie ’17 Again’ and ‘Charlie St. Cloud’.

Elizabeth Gilbert says Julia Roberts Magnificent in Movie

Elizabeth Gilbert, the American author of ‘Eat Pray Love’, says that American Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was ‘magnificent’ in the big-screen adaptation of the memoir. Portrayed by Roberts of the best-selling book’s movie adaptation, the writer is excited that the ‘Pretty Woman’ star had added her personal touch to her role without imitating her.

The award-winning writer said that Roberts is magnificent in the movie because she bring something to the film which is totally her own. Elizabeth said that he wrote a letter to Roberts at the beginning stating that she doesn’t have to copy exactly the character since she believes that Roberts could portray it with her own touch but the essence of the story is still rpesent.

Elizabeth recalled that she made a fool out of herself when she first met Roberts because she just stared at her and said that Roberts is exceptionally pretty. The writer added that she doesn’t know anything about creating movies so she thought she should leave it to the production team. She finds it easy trusting the team that they would be getting it right.

Philip Seymour Hoffman not to Direct himself again

American actor-director Philip Seymour Hoffman confesses not to be directing himself again since he finds it really difficult to do. Made his directorial debut in ‘Jack Goes Boating’, the actor said that directing himself in the movie is really hard for him.

The 43-year-old director said that he wants to direct again and enjoy the process but he doesn’t honestly like the part on directing himself since it’s very subjective. He said that even though he had an editor and he co-edited it, it’s a living think, creativity and it’s hard to be subjective.

Hoffman added that they rehearsed for 2 weeks and shot for 2 months in New York and when watching the finished product, he sees things that he wanted to change and it’s like suffering with OCD for him. He further said that the project never finished. He said he wants to wear various hats and he enjoys developing things but when it comes to directing again, he wants something that doesn’t include him.

Lindsay Lohan Father Threatens Lawyer

Michael Lohan, the father of the former jailbird Lindsay Lohan, reportedly threatens the lawyer of her daughter Shawn Chapman Holley. Michael has left a voicemail and text messages on the lawyer’s phone to threaten him, according to sources. The sources also said that the voicemail says digging up dirt on Shawn and also to Lou Taylor, the business manager of Lindsay.

After the court hearing, the actress’ dad left texts on Holley’s phone telling she should be doing the ‘Mean Girls’ star a favor and should also quite on her job. The other text says that Michael claimed Taylor and Holley destroyed their family so Michael went at the courthouse after the judge threw his daughter in jail.

After Holley filed an appeal, the decision of the judge was reversed later that day and the actress was released on Friday night. And Holley won’t be seeking a restraining order. Michael said that those reports are true but they’re already been spun. He clarified that he knocked the fact that he told them to send his daughter to rehab a long time ago. But they just listened just now according to Michael.

Katy Perry to Guest on The Simpsons

American singer Katy Perry is set to appear on hit American animated TV series “The Simpsons”. The ‘I Kiss a Girl’ singer may be too sexy for child’s show “Sesame Street”, but Springfield puppets might want to make it clear that they would appreciate the assets of the singer.

The Simpson’s executive producer Al Jean said that in the wake of the terrible betrayal of Elmo, the puppets of the Simpsons want to announce they stand side-by-side with Perry. Perry, whose duet with Elmo wouldn’t be shown anymore after various complaints from the parents about showing too much skin, will be getting another chance singing with puppets for she’ll be appearing on “The Simpsons” this winter.

Together with other Simpsons characters who’ll be transforming into puppets, the signer will be appearing in a unique live-action segment. Due to air on December 5, Perry reportedly will be playing as a crusty bartender of the girlfriend of Moe and will be leading a gang in ‘The 39 Days of Christmas’ rendition.

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