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Lindsay Lohan to Return to Rehab

American singer/actress Lindsay Lohan plans to be returning to rehab for fast recovery, according to the actress’ friend.

Even though the former jailbird was relapsing weeks after she checked out of inpatient rehab in UCLA, Lindsay is said to be serious about recovering so she plans to do the checking back into rehab herself very soon. The source said that Lohan will be stepping up her treatment and will be doing more than what she’s asked to do.

Lohan was released from jail after she won an appeal to be granted bail for she’d be taking the drug test. However, the actress failed to pass it. The ‘Mean Girls’ star has been ordered for now to be wearing a Scram alcohol-monitoring bracelet and must be avoiding areas with tempting alcohols.

Lohan is currently facing a probation violation hearing on October 22 where in her ongoing DUI case, she could potentially be facing more time in jail in aiming for the positive drug test.

Katy Perry Mocks Sesame Street Ban

American singer-songwriter Katy Perry has mocked her Sesame Street prohibition by putting on a low-cut Elmo top on her “Saturday Night Live” appearance.

Originally scheduled to sing 2 songs, the 25-year-old singer is said wanting to be part through a comedy skit marking the controversy made by her appearance on the said show. The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer had appeared as a busty librarian on talk show ‘Bronx Beat’.

One of the hosts asked her about her shirt that it seemed like the show of today was brought by 38 and double-D letters. Perry said she guesses she developed over the summer.

While putting on a teenage voice, Perry hams up her part, wildly chews gum, plays with her hair and shows wild facial expressions. The host added that Perry does her thing at the library and the kids have come for the b*bs and stay so everybody wins.

Russell Brand Visits a Strip Club for his Bachelor Party

English actor Russell Brand went to a well-known strip club in London with his friends celebrating his own bachelor bash.

The comedian prepares to tie knots with his singer girlfriend Katy Perry next month. He’s currently enjoying his remaining time as a single man by watching his team West Ham beating rivals Tottenham Hotspur with David Williams and Noel Gallagher. The actor was later joined by director Guy Ritchie, rocker Carl Barat and TV host Jonathan Ross for a dinner at ‘The Albion, Gordon Ramsay’s posh eatery, before hitting the famous lap-dancing bar of the capital called ‘Stringfellows’.

Brand was delighted finding his ‘freedom’ over the ‘hot’ place by Peter Stringfellow, the owner of the bar. The actor wrote on his Twitter account that West Ham has beaten Spurs and, Stringfellow told him to do whatever he likes in his bar. Brand even said that he’s truly the Duke of Essex.

Demi Moore Pictures with Ashton Kutcher in Bed on Twitter

American actress Demi Moore has ended cheating rumors of American actor Ashton Kutcher by posting an anniversary photograph of them in bed via Twitter. The couple has already celebrated their 5th anniversary together.

Demi wrote on her Twitter thanking for all the anniversary wishes. She mentioned that they’re enjoying a day lounging around watching ‘Breaking Bad’ which is a great show for them. They have been noted on getting cozy that surprised everyone after a magazine reported that a girl claimed that she has had made love with Ashton at his home while Demi was away working on a movie.

The actor, however, had denied the claims and denoted them as a total ‘fiction’. He tweeted that he thinks the said magazine who called him as a cheater has qualified as a character’s defamation and he hopes that his lawyers agrees with him.

Agyness Deyn Enrolls in a Popular Acting Institute

English model Agyness Deyn hopes to be as successful as Hollywood big names Robert De Niro, James Dean and Al Pacino as she joins similar institute attended by 20th Century movie’s soaring figures. Used to work in a chip shop, Deyn enrolls with an acting instructor from celebrated Lee Strasberg Institute of Hollywood. Deyn is shoping that the school will help her transform from a model to an established actress.

A friend of her said that Agy loves being a model but is also hoping to be successful in the movie industry and she rents an apartment in LA near the school and has started taking classes. The friend added that the 27-year-old has wanted keeping it silent but she’s enjoying herself so far. Deyn jets between her apartments in New York and Los Angeles frequently just to take her classes.

A source said that Agy is a huge fan of ‘The Inbetweeners’ and heard about the film and she wanted to be part of it but when ti became clear to her that she couldn’t be part of it, she had decided doing something about it. The source added that she’s 100% committed with her acting classes.

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