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Bush Connecticut WelcomeLocated in New England, Connecticut is considered to be part of the Greater New York Metropolitan area. With 3.4 million residents, Connecticut ranks number 34 out of all of the states. Its history dates back to the colonial era and its two nicknames are the “constitution state” and the “nutmeg state” Originally settled by the Dutch Connecticut’s first major settlement was the Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded in 1630. Connecticut was one of the original thirteen colonies that revolted against the British Crown during the American Revolution.

Connecticut State Flag  LG Connecticut

Connecticut has a long history of maritime involvement owning to its large coast. The long coast line also contributes to the temperate climate of Connecticut. In modern times, Connecticut is considered to be home to the most affluent citizens of the country. Some of Connecticut’s most famous citizens are George W. Bush, Katharine Hepburn, Meryle Streep and Meg Ryan. Connecticut is perhaps most famous for being home to Yale University.

Map of Connecticut:

Connecticut Map

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