Continuous Innovation: The Apple Way

Apple IncFrom humble beginnings in the late 70s, Apple Inc. has grown to become a leading corporate giant in the technology industry. This growth took place amidst bitter struggles to survive in the phase of unrelenting competition, intermittent market loses, countless litigation suits, bitter internal power strife, consequently making it fall victim to the negative tongue lashing campaigns heralded by the media. Often, such developments, as experts say, are signals of the dying kicks of an institution. Most corporate entities would have been pushed to either bankruptcy or liquidation were they in the position of Apple Inc. However, that has not been the story for Apple.

Apple Inc. is once again making headlines. The difference is that, they are neither announcing a merger, nor profit loses but an outdooring of a ground-breaking invention that is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry. Suffice to recall that, Apple Inc.’s decision to diversify its production range to embrace household and consumer electronics pushed it into the position of prominence in the corporate world. The recent successes all begun with the introduction of its assortment of media player devices, featuring prominently on the list is the iPod media player. The iPod player caused market capitalization and profits to soar rapidly, even beyond the US domestic market to besiege functional and emerging markets across the world.

If for nothing at all, based on the feedback from Apple’s loyal customers, Apple is associated with continuous innovation to satisfy the taste of its wide clientele. Little wonder the call for it to venture into the telecommunication industry by its clients has been satisfied. Steve Jobs, the CEO, inline with the usual culture of secrecy, chose to leave the matter to speculation, until his announcement that formally outdoored the new multi-purpose, multi-functional iPhone. The question may be asked about what the distinguishing features of iPhone are?

It is a portable computer device that combines the functions of media player, an internet browser, video, a digital camera, among other innovative inventions all inbuilt in a cell phone. The new iPhone is built on the reputation of quality; its predecessor, the iPod, has already carved. It presents an entirely new package of telecommunication incentives to its customers. Besides the luxury it offers customers, it will usher in a new dispensation of competitive innovation that will ultimately be to the benefit of the consuming public.

One thing can be inferred from the introduction of the iPhone, that is, Apple has an abiding legacy of unwavering commitment to being better and overcoming the penalty of successes induced complacency. In addition, it is known that, unlike most corporate entities they do not easily crumble under the weight of high expectations. Comparatively, Apple’s research and development budget is way below its competitors, yet in the phase of all this, what Apple seeks to tell is that you don’t need to have much to get the job done. Efficiency, commitment to purpose and consistency are no doubt the driving propellers of innovation. As the days go by, we can only sit back and agree that all is well that ends well.

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