Coworking Conundrums : How to Share Value within a Shared Workspace

Coworking on workplaceThe co-working revolution transformed the way in which professionals interact with each other. More than being an affordable alternative to conventional office leasing, co-working has made working in some of the most affluent areas more accessible to those on a budget. With flexible leasing plans, co-working is one of the best solutions for businesses that need space to grow.

There are more intrinsic benefits to the co-working office plan. Typically, through co-working, professionals rent space in a facility and any use of the amenities (internet, support staff, cable, and phone). The leases tend to be shorter, which allow for more flexibility in the length of the contract and the type of office amenities that are a part of the package. Also, this flexibility allows for leases to be modified easily. However, professionals really benefit from sharing their workspace in other ways.

Keep reading below for more information on the benefits professionals get by co-working.

Creating Opportunity

The co-working office is the intersection where opportunity, networking, collaboration and ingenuity meet. Professionals gain so much in terms of being in a place where other professionals are practicing their trades. In one office, you might find there are professionals from a number of industries working side-by-side. A casual conversation might turn to business talk where one person brings another into the conversation, and there you go, you have just met the three founding members of name any startup company.

Co-working spaces, because of the diverse industries housed in one office, are places where opportunities for new ideas are created. This informal networking that takes place in the office sets the groundwork for some really great collaborations. More importantly, these collaborations can lead to greater opportunities outside of that environment.

Stress-Free Environment

Most corporate offices are characterized by a culture that is hard-nosed and rigid. What co-working has done for the modern day office is that it has allowed professionals to work in a stress-free environment that promotes engagement with fellow workers. Because workers are from various industries, the competition that usually makes working in these environments become so miserable for many is converted to collaboration. When collaborating with others, professionals engage in positive relationships that promote working together.

By exchanging competition with collaboration, the co-working atmosphere has created an environment where professionals are not pushed to the max to perform, and more importantly, do not see their fellow workers as competitors. At the end of many a work day, co-working professionals leave the office having reduced much of the stress associated with working in high-powered vocations. Essentially, by encouraging cooperation, co-working offices have reduced stress.

Professional Environment

For the professional who has reserved a space for him/herself, co-working does wonders for them. Typically, most co-workers form the foundation of self-employed workers and start-ups. Most times, these workers use their home as a place to work.

However, while working at home has its advantages, too many distractions get in the way of work. Whether you are watching small children while trying to work on the computer, constantly being interrupted by friends and family who know you are working at home, or you just cannot concentrate to work, your home, in and of itself, becomes a distraction. Worse yet, you end up taking more time to complete your work than necessary making you less productive.

The co-working office is a space that, while it encourages social interaction, you can work from without the constant distractions. Because you are with other professionals, the atmosphere is one that reflects that only business is being taken care of there. For those professionals who are self-employed, the co-working space is one that allows you to work in an appropriate setting.

Solving The Work-At-Home Dilemma

The co-working office has been a discovery that has provided the self-employed and start-ups with so many benefits. Of all of the benefits, co-working has created the opportunity for networking and collaboration. More importantly, it has carved out a space for the work-at-home professional to seek like-minded souls in the co-working atmosphere.

Coworking Conundrums : How to Share Value within a Shared Workspace
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Coworking Conundrums : How to Share Value within a Shared Workspace
The coworking revolution transformed the way in which professionals interact with each other. Details and more information on the benefits professionals get by coworking.

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