Earn Cash by Completing Offers

Now, after reading and understanding the first step, you probably have a verified Paypal account. So, absolutely you want to start making money and get some funds.

In this post, I’ll tell you about how to make some quick cash. Up to 100$ per week for US and UK residents, and 50$ for international users.

Paid to signup or to complete offers

The principle is to register in a program ( it can be under a referral link ) with your personal info. When done you get paid by the site owners or by the person who referred you.

You can find those offers at business forums as the ” sell, buy or trade ” section at the Digital Point forum or at PTS sites, you can find them here.

PS : Please, be careful by accepting offers from only reputed members in forums, and by joining programs that already pay people. For this reason that i don’t want to list some of these programs here. To don’t be responsible if some of these programs scam. So, for your good, join only trustful, paying programs.

Well, you’ll find many types of offers as :

Basic or Classic offers

You just need to register with a username and password and usually you have to confirm your membership via e-mail. Those offers don’t worth a lot of money, just some cents ( up to 50 cents ) for international users, and 1 or 2$ for US and UK residents.

Credit Card Offers

You need to follow Basic offers steps, after that you have to add your Credit Card info to confirm your membership. If you have a Credit Card or a VCC you may earn good money from this! Up to 25$ per offer.

Trial offers

First you register and you pay for a trial period. When the trial period is done you cancel your membership, and you’ll receive an important amount up to 4 or 5 times than the amount that you paid to register. You can earn from this up to 50$ per offer.

You can see in this video an example of how to complete an offer :

This video is only to let you know how the program works, I’m not encouraging you to join the program explained in the video or endorsing it.

And you can earn much more by referring your friends to sign-up under our referral link.

With this method, you’ll earn some quick good cash, so you’ll have funds up to your Paypal account. This cash can be withdrawn to your bank account, or you can simply keep it to start you own website, ( your real project on the net ) or to buy something from the internet.

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  • Hi, sounds like a great way to make some quick extra $$$ each month! thanks for the useful information.

  • I was halcyon to win a train ticket to CoralBut will try to pop in this page when i am back.