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Essential Tips for Article Marketing

Article marketing is a very effective technique that can be used to bring targeted visitors to your website or blog. The greatest advantage is that this method is completely free. You have to write short articles (300 – 400 words) on topics related to the subject of your website. At the end of each article, there should be a short description about the author(you) with a link to your website/blog. These articles should be submitted to the various article directories on the net. People will read these articles and may visit your site/blog through the link at the end of the articles. In this way, you can get free targeted traffic to your site/blog.

The following are some essential tips for article marketing:

The first step is to choose the subject of your article. It should be relevant to your niche. You must have thorough knowledge about the topic.

The next important step is keyword research. There are free keyword research tools available, which may be used for this purpose. You should look for keywords that attract some visitors from the search engines. These keywords should be used in the title of the articles as well as in the body. Keyword density should be between 2% to 5%.

Write a short (300 – 400 words) article about the chosen topic. Do not make it too long. If necessary, you can search for information and look at other articles on the similar topic. Through the article, try to establish yourself as an expert on the field.

Add a resource box at the end of the article. It should contain a short description about you, your business and other interests and a link to your website. People who read the article, may visit your website through this link.

After writing the article, submit it to different reputed article directories. You should submit only to those directories which enjoy a good traffic and have a good page rank. Your article may be indexed by the search engines and you can get a steady flow of targeted traffic for some time. To maintain the traffic, you have to write and submit articles on a regular basis. Sometimes, other webmasters may find your articles usefuland may publish those in their own websites. It provides more exposure to the articles and leads to more traffic.

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