Exclusive Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is termed to be the next Firefox to break the monopoly of Microsoft with regards to Internet Explorer. But is worth a wait to see how well they could reach that point of being the replacement for Firefox. It is also key that Google Chrome too was released as an open source software and hence this makes the job easier for them.

As far as speed and safety is concerned, there is not much a difference when compared to Firefox but far better when you compare it with Internet Explorer. The best part is that it opens up pretty quickly initially which compared with Firefox. The tabs too opens up faster just like Opera and closes up fast.

What makes Google Chrome even better is the quick view windows on its start-up page where all the recently visited sites are displayed there. This is very similar to that of Opera’s quick viewer. Although this feature is always not welcomed with both hands by many as many feel this as sort of a distraction rather than being helpful.

There is an amazing new feature which could only be found with Google Chrome and that is Incognito browsing mode. This mode of browsing through Google Chrome will make you browse any sites without leaving any history or traces into your PC. All the cookies downloaded because of visiting the site will be automatically deleted from your PC once you close down all the windows in incognito mode. This feature will be more useful if your PC is shared by multiple users and you don’t want others to know which sites you visit.

One feature which is also found only with Google Chrome is its application windows where you can customize your own application such as emails, calendars, etc. With this feature you can actually create your own desktop shortcuts of these applications and can open these just like you do to open any other applications. You will get your own personalized windows opened with Google Chrome with more working space to browse. Each application will be acting as an individual app and can be accessed like an application rather than web sites.

With regard to safety, Google Chrome is said to have a feature called Safe Browsing option. When this option is chosen you are mostly protected from any phishing or malware being downloaded onto your computer. And if you are visiting any particular site which is said to be harmful through any of the means then Google Chrome will pop up a dialog box warning you about the risks of visiting such sites.

In Google Chrome, you will actually need only one box, that is the address bar for all your browsing and searching needs. You can type your search queries in the address bar and get the result in the default search engine customized. What’s more promising is that the speed in which the result is displayed when doing a search.

Google Chrome could just well be the best replacement or alternative for any other browser available at the moment but definitely needs minor improvement.

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    Web Freak
    September 15, 2008 at 16:11

    Won’t use it until somebody recommends it to me and says that it kills the FF!

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    September 16, 2008 at 20:58

    I’m totally hoping Chrome beats Internet Explorer but unfortunately I think it’ll hurt Firefox more in the short term than IE. We’ll see. Good post and keep up the good work on your blogging.

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