Exfm iPhone Application Review

Extension Entertainment Inc. has recently launched the exfm app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app is basically the mobile version of ex.fm website. For those of you that are not familiar with ex.fm, it is basically a popular social media music website. Think of it as iTunes combined with Facebook or Twitter.

The basic concept of exfm is very simple but unique. You simply “note” songs that you enjoy (this concept is similar to the “like” button on Facebook) and your friends will notice that you like that song. This is a cool way to share your iPod playlist with your friends if you like a certain song. A great feature of this app is that you can share your favorite songs through your Tumblr, Facebook, Last.fm and Twitter account.

On the other hand, you can also listen to the songs your friends have “noted” in your feeds. Imagine viewing your Facebook newsfeed full of favorite music from your friends and family. The amazing thing is that you hear the entire song and not a short clip. If you like the song, simply tap on the shopping cart and it will take you to iTunes to purchase the song. This is all very easy since the user interface is quite simple and user friendly.

Sadly, you can only search for friends that you know are already using exfm. You cannot use this app to search through the various social networks to locate your friends using this app. You can’t even search through the contact profile for your friends with this app.

All in all, exfm is an excellent and forward thinking idea. You will definitely want to try this app if you enjoy listening and sharing music. Plus, if you are a social media addict you will definitely want this app. Other than that, since this app is for free to download at the App Store, you basically have nothing to lose.

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  • Awesome application to share and listen song with friend during social networking…