Facebook Launches Deals Site

Facebook has launched its daily deal service which some consider as a very bad news for Groupon. The deals site has started these last days in 5 cities in the United States, and now also available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.. These cities include, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco and San Diego. The service will expand as the demand rises on other cities.

Facebook Deals” is not taking over the old Facebook deals site, which is now called “Check-in Deals”.  The new service will focus on deals for large groups of people willing to participate in one deal. Very, very similar to Groupon, LivingSocial and other “deal of the day” websites that have been popping up all over the web recently.

Facebook is likely going to take over where Groupon left off. Features like sharing and liking deals for friends to see will likely keep the interest very high in every deal. News feeds will be blowing up with deals and you can count on stuff selling out in a very short period of time because of that.

Local businesses will be able to link to specific daily deals and appear in the left side navigation menu on Facebook pages. This will give users more choices and options to find good deals in case they don’t like the one they see that day. In case you miss these two ways to get the best deals, you can also subscribe via email, just in case you are one that doesn’t log into Facebook everyday.

Over 600 million worldwide users are going to browse businesses looking for hot deals. Facebook is claiming they are going to have better discounts on activities you would do with friends, which will certainly encourage doing business in communities.

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