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Facts about Twitter to Help you Blog for No Cost

What is a Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking service that costs nothing to it users. It enables them to send and receive messages. These messages are known as tweets.

What are tweets?

They are text-based posts which have characters exhibited and displayed on the profile page of the author, which gives details about the author. The upper limit of these characters is 140 and they are sent to the viewers, who subscribe to the author’s site. The readers are known as the followers. The system allows open access of twitters to all the viewers. It is up to the sender to restrict their delivery to selected people.

Tweets can be sent and received through the Twitter site, via SMS or using some external applications. Generally this service is free of cost, but accessing it via SMS might cost some phone service fees.

Twitter was first created by Jack Dorsey in the year 2006. Since then it has gained popularity throughout the world. Twitter is also known as the SMS of Internet. The application programming interface of Twitter has been used by other applications to send and receive short messages.

Twitter has been placed in the top 50 popular websites by Alexa’s web analysis. Although the number of users cannot be estimated because the number varies and the number of accounts are not released by the company.


What's TwitterTwitter can be taken very similar to a Web-based client the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). This web interface uses a framework like that of Ruby on Rails. From the year 2007 to 2008, actual messages on twitter were handled by queue server known as Starling. Now since 2009, software written in Scala is being used. Twitter permits other applications and web services to incorporate with Twitter.

Short message service can be used to communicate with Twitter. There are five gateway numbers for communication. They are short codes for Canada, United States, New Zealand, India and a number for international use. For users of O2 networks and Vodafone users of United Kingdom a short code is available which can only be accessed by them.

Uses of Twitter

  1. Used in campaigning: Candidates in the U.S. presidential campaign of 2008 used Twitter for campaigning.
  2. Used at the time of emergencies: Research in a magazine named New Scientist reported that maps, photo sites, blogs, and instant messaging systems such as Twitter performed in a better way to collect information during emergencies. This method proved to be better than the news media and even emergency services. 

Twitters have been used in various other fields like education protest and politics public relations survey opinion legal proceeding, etc According to the famous quote the community explains the channel and channel does not explain the community (i.e.) twitter serves as a channel and the community belongs to you. The twitter channel is a fast improving channel that provides important signs to some discussions that will be important to people. Make use of twitter and enjoy the several benefits offered by the website!!!

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