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Fastest Way: Affiliate Marketing

As we move into the future, opportunities to make money on the internet will keep growing immensely. Currently, there are literally endless amounts of ways to make money on the internet, and the best part about it is that you do not even need to have your own original products. All you need to invest is your time and a commitment to success. The easiest and fastest way to start making money on the internet is through affiliate marketing. Almost all affiliate programs are 100% free to join, although they many will require at least a small website in order to get started. You can virtually join any affiliate program with any type of website, even a simple blog.

To find an affiliate program that is right for you, just start by doing a simple search on Google. You will find that almost every larger website has some type of affiliate program. Some of these programs are managed in house while other programs outsource their affiliate program to an affiliate network.

The best way to start out is to join an affiliate network, as they will have access to hundreds or even thousands of affiliate programs right at your fingertips. Before you go a network, you will need to figure out what type of affiliate program that you want to get into. Do you just want to generate leads for companies, such as life insurance or mortgage leads? Or do you want to help companies sell products and you earn a commission off of each sale? Once you figure out which way you want to go, you can start to join affiliate networks that meet your needs. If you are looking to promote products to sell, then you want to join a program such as Commission Junction, Shareasale or Linkshare. All of these programs have thousands of merchants available to choose from and they are the most respected in the industry. If you are looking to generate leads for companies, join networks such as Hydra Network, Copeac, NeverBlue Ads, CPAEmpire and Filient, just to name a few of the many reputable companies out there.

Now that you have picked out which way you want to go in the affiliate marketing world, the next step is to start promoting your offers. First, you will need to set up a site in order to promote these products. Starting out, I would suggest using a WordPress blog to promote your products. WordPress blogs are optimized for search engines and will also help your quality score if you end up running a Google on file.

Also, setting your blog up on your own domain is a great way to optimize the site as well. If you need hosting, contact me I’ll send you the best deals, where you can host all your sites on one account for a very low monthly charge that anyone can afford.

Once you get your site set up, start adding some good, quality content on your site to make it stand out from others. Make sure that your content is 100% unique so that the search engines do not penalize you for duplicate content. Once you write some good articles, it is time to work on getting traffic to your site. The two best ways to do this quickly is to submit your site to as many online directories and social bookmarking sites as possible. This will not only help you get traffic to your site, but it will also build trust in the major search engines, as other sites will be linking to your content, making it a trusted source. Also, to make submission to the directories easier, hire someone who can provide you 500 submissions at once. These services are often very cheap but they are worth every penny.

While building traffic to your site where it becomes a steady stream can take awhile, it is the cheapest way to go. If you are looking for quick traffic, you can start utilizing Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, is a great way to drive quality traffic to your site fast. However, you will be paying each time someone clicks on your link. If you are in a competitive field such as cash advances, you can expect to pay a lot for each click. Finding a good niche that is untapped is the best way to advertise and also get a low PPC rate to help keep your expenses down.

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    Nicholas Chase
    October 13, 2008 at 17:23


    Excellent post. My current situation is a pending bankruptcy in January 2009. All of my efforts at an on-line income are in ruins. I have nine-blogs, all of them monetized, and traffic is in the 100+ per week.

    Only one CPA click in 90 days for a debtclear text ad delivering an $8.00 commission.

    I do not have the funds to start a PPC campaign and our bills are piling up.

    I am in info-overload, do not know how to do this at all, getting ready to make desperate decisions on selling off large items at huge losses, cars, home, furniture, it’s really bad!

    Respectfully, Nicholas

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