Five Awesome Applications for The iPad

The iPad is the world’s number one tablet. It is a masterful mix of technology and style. Here are five apps for the iPad that are considered awesome.

NASA Visualization Explorer

Visualization Explorer

The first is an app by NASA, the United States department that puts spaceships in orbit. They have designed an app called Visualization Explorer. What does it do? It will virtually take you out into space. The latest in Earth-Science adventures and research are covered in this awesome iPad app. It is designed by people from the Goddard Space Flight Center and shows data captured by satellites. Hurricanes, volcanoes, and other things seen from miles up in the air can be studied using the Visualization Explorer app.

Fontography HD

Fontography HD

Fontography HD is the name of another cool iPad app. This one takes regular photos and makes a letter or group of letters from it. One of their example is a picture of fire transformed into the letter “F”. This just came out in October and has some good feedback. It is called a “very clever idea” by those who use it and comes with its own set of photos. Once a set of fonts is made, they can be shared on social networks as well.

LiquiPad HD


LiquiPad is another eye-catching app that uses touch and the sense of touching water on the display of the iPad. It is a mesmerizing blend of colors and waves on the screen of the tablet. The mixture of the words “liquid” and “iPad” is a good description of what is going on with this modern app. Different pictures are available to put to the interesting liquid transformation that happens when using this app.

Discover App


“Discovr” is the fourth app and it is the creation of Australian startup “Jammbox”. This is a music app that shows connections between bands and artists in the music world. Tapping on an artist will show their biography, reviews and blogger’s opinions on him or her. Exploring connections between artists and other musicians is the goal of this app. It seems to have some problems connecting to a server, but nevertheless it has some positive reviews.

Appetites iPad App


The last is for the food-lovers who also own an iPad. It is called, appropriately, “Appetites”. It has classes for cooking that go through all the steps of making delicious meals. This app is for those women ( or men ) who want to learn how to cook. The app is broken down into small segments that can be repeated, which is convenient when learning new things. Toffee is one of the teacher’s specialties. Different chefs are giving lessons in this app so those with eclectic tastes will be satisfied.

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