Florida Travel Information

Located in the southern part of the United States, Florida is perhaps the most well known for being the home of Disneyland? Floridais actually a peninsula, meaning that it juts into the ocean.

This gives Florida miles upon miles of coastland. Because of this, Florida is a frequent destination spot for college students during spring break and is often hit by tropical storms and hurricanes. In recent memory, Hurricane Andrew caused massive amounts of damage to the southern part of the state.

Jeb Bush, brother of former president George W. Bush and son to former President Bush served several terms as governor of Florida.

Florida has several different ethnic populations, the greatest of which is Cuban Americans. Spanish is practically a second language in the state.

Famous for its many miles of beaches, Mickey Mouse and sub-tropical weather, Florida is also home to many retireesā€™ from across the United States.

Map of Florida:

What do you think of this state? Do you live or ever visited the state of Florida? Please feel free to share your experience with us!

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