Four Must See Travel Destinations in the United States

The travel industry is booming with low prices due to the economic downturn. People can’t afford an expensive vacation anymore so now you have the ability to take a great luxury vacation for cheap! Where are all the hotspots in the United States of America? Here is 4 of the must see travel destinations in the US:

Orlando, Florida:

Yes Orlando, Florida is the home of disney world, disney land, and seaworld. Just imagine visiting one of these magical places with your kids. You can go and discover some pirate ships (Pirates Of The Caribbean). Or have your children dance with the famous characters of disney like mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy.. It’s going to be too much fun for you and for your family and an unforgetfull vacation for your kids!

Or maybe you’re single or just got engaged, take a night out on town. Cruise along the night time activities and visit clubs. There is so much to do in Orlando, Florida your mind will fry.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the greatest vacation spots in the world. Vegas is filled with a variety amount of shows, concerts, and activities that family and couples can enjoy. It is also consideres as a great honeymooning spot! A popular show is Chris Angel, a well known illusionist that gives great shows. Another great show is the Cirque Du Soleil, a circus that only uses people and no animals. . .

Tampa, Florida:

Tampa, Florida is a great destination for any vacation, honeymoon or wedding. They offer great discounts during the summer because winter is the most busiest time. Winter is their primary tourist attraction, a lot of people like to escape the winter and fly to Tampa. The culture, vibe, and activities make it one of the top 10 vacation destinations of 2010.

New York, New York:

Yes, New York can be vacationed on a budget. One of the greatest cities in America, New York. You have everything you can imagine there. You have clubs, parties, restaurants, and live events happening all the time. All throughout the year!  The culture alone is enough to attract any vacationer. So look it up. See what’s available and plan your trip today!

America is a great nation. There is so much to do, to discover, and to learn. Start planning your vacation to any one of these cities today!

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