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I’m just got contacted by a friend of mind, a good designer who works especially on logos. He is offering for Zak Show dot Com readers 20 free logos design service. Here is some of his previous work:

If you like his work and you want to get a free logo designed free of charge, all you have to do is:

1. Subscribe to my RSS feed via e-mail ( use the top right subscription form )

2. Comment in this post with the same e-mail that you used to subscribe in the RSS feed and place the site that you want to design the logo for it in the website field when commenting.

You can also indicate in the comment all the things that you want them to appear in your logo ( Text, Description, Colors and so on.. )

Logos are free for the first 20 commentators, 1 logo for each one, so hurry up: subscribe, comment and grab your free logo right now 😉

How do you will get the logo? Simple, When the logo is completed, It will be sent to your e-mail adress ( That you used to subscribe )

Terms: A quote from the mail that I received:
Since this is a 100% freebie, no revision service offered, but I promess that I’ll do the best that I can to offer you quality well-designed logos.

Update #1: 11 order completed and logos sent to their new owners, 9 free logos left & Feedback is appreciated. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed via e-mail before asking for the logo.

Here is what I got about the order, a sceenshot from the folder of the completed logos:

I will post all the logos in a new post once all the 20 orders are completed, in order to give you the opportunity to see all the work and to give your opinion on it, feedback is always highly appreciated 🙂

Update #2: 16 order completed and logos sent to their new owners, 4 free logos left.

update #3: All the logos are completed and sent to their new owners, feedback appreciated.

If I missed something or someone didn’t got his logo let me know via comment.

Offer Ended and we will be offering more free services soon.

Thanks for participating.

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  • would like site name (name) and logo themed around the idea of a sultan/king. Colors orangish/brown/yellow preferable.

  • Would like the logo to include the site name and slogan as below.

    MRR Central
    The Ultimate Resell Rights Membership


  • I would like to have logo , which you think is better. I have given a site name, its Direct to Home television forum


  • Signed up! Can't wait to see your work.

    I was wondering if you could design me a 125x125 ad instead of a logo... Is that possible? If not, no problem - a logo will be fine. You can take a quick peek at SoLinkable to see our current logo, something along those lines would be all I'm looking for.

    Thanks mate :)

  • I am subscribed.
    please make a logo for my site problogineer.com
    Tech, Internet & Blogging Tips

    some cool mascot type logo. which fits my current space.

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