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Freebies: The Best Promotional Tool

While shopping for perfumes to gift someone special most of us would opt for the best. But when there is a dent created by the prize of that perfume bag in your savings, there is no way you would escape the pinch. If you notice around most of the high-end malls have perfume stalls within and almost all of them stock up freebies. But you have to claim them by literally asking them that on the purchase of an X amount for Y number of perfume cases or bags; I want my well deserved share of a gift.

Imagine asking for a gift, but you could actually end up getting one. I don’t know how many of you have actually tried it at any perfume outlets. But you can always ask for it as if it were your birth right. And if you get lucky, you might get a mirror by Escada or a small travel bag. Here a promotional item that you have demanded may actually bring you back to the same outlet again for a similar purchase in the near future.

A promotional gift lying at the retail outlet store rooms for customers like you when you make a purchase for a certain amount. This is an initiative taken by the retailer and the perfume brands available at the outlets. Clearly many of the customers do not get what they truly deserve for the purchase they make.

On the other hand shopping for cosmetics can actually lead you to a free makeover. You may even get a free nail enamel of your favourite shade for the total purchase you make. Mostly the nail enamel you chose will be of the same brand of which you purchased every other thing except its nail polish. Giveaway like these nail enamels can actually be a way to reclaim the lost customer loyalty over the product. Though there is no guarantee that the product is enhanced or improved in any way.
The makeover you may get for free can actually help you decide which of the products used in the process suit you and enhances your features. Most cosmetic companies completely go by this method of reaching out to their target groups in malls and popular salons across major cities.

Talk about smelling good, looking stunning and walking tall- shoes is another aspect of our wardrobe. With our change in clothes with occasions and work, we usually have a complimentary pair. This also changes with the weather conditions every now and then. Which makes footwear as a major investment area while completing your wardrobe. Now, what possible freebie can you expect from a shoe store besides an occasional discount. Promotional keyrings are usually given to every customer who makes a purchase of a certain amount. Most retailers keep carry bags with their store branding on it. This carry bag with branding is as noticeable as the keyrings attached to bags, making not only a style statement but also indicating the source of the product for a potential buyer.

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