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Generate Traffic to Websites using Squidoo

The success of an internet business depends upon the ability to generate targeted traffic. Squidoo can be used successfully to generate massive traffic to your website. Squidoo is actually a social networking website like Myspace or Facebook. It is among the top 700 websites in the world. A page created on Squidoo gets easily listed in the search engines and the traffic received can be easily redirected to your website.

A page created on Squidoo is called a lens and it works like a blog. A Squidoo lens is integrated with different web 2.0 features such as, RSS, Tag, Ping etc. and other social networking features like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg etc. Registration to Squidoo is free. After registration, go to the profile page and add a few lines about yourself with a link to your website. For creating a lens, you have to add a module first. There are different modules for a lens. You can use the ‘Write Module’ which allows to write articles on your lens. These articles can be rearranged according to your preference and they should link back to your website. Your lens should contain good and useful information which can help other people in your niche.

Before creating a lens, keyword research is essential as these keywords will help your lens to rank high in the search engines. Put your main keyword in the lens title and in the URL. Use different long tail keywords as tags which may attract visitors from the search engines. A Squidoo lens should be updated several times a week. If you can not add new content each time, just go for some small changes and click ‘publish’. You can create any number of lenses in any niche.

Squidoo has it’s own ranking system and each lens is ranked according to it’s popularity. You may improve your rank by generating star ratings from other members and lens masters. There are different lens groups. You may join relevant lens groups in your niche and engage in the discussions. There is also a forum which you may join and do some forum marketing to increase traffic to your lens. All these techniques will help your lens to get into the top 100 lenses in Squidoo and thereby receive massive traffic which can be diverted to your website.

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