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One of the original thirteen colonies, Georgia was actually the last to be established as the Province of Georgia in 1733. It ratified the constitution on January 2, 1788 becoming the fourth state to do so.

Georgia became one of the members of the Confederate Union when it ceded from the United States in 1861. It was the last confederate state to be reintegrated into the union. Known as either the “Peach State” or the “Empire State of the South” Georgia’s most populous city and capital is Atlanta.

The beautiful topography of Georgia includes the Blue Ridge Mountains, a vast centrally located piedmont area as well as a large coastal region in the southern most part of the state. With a long history of segregation and race relations issues, Georgia has often had issues in this area although recent times have seen a vast improvement. Famous for its ‘southern hospitality’ Georgia is a beautiful state that is rich in American History.

Map of Georgia:

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    Julian Swann
    March 11, 2011 at 08:33

    The cartoon you show of Georgia on this page shows the Cherokee Rose which is the state flower but the state bird is the Brown Thrasher and not the Cardinal. It has always been this way

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