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Go Green: The New Age Advertising Campaign

Actors and politicians have managed to garner public attention and votes by basking in the glory of doing good by saving the world from global warming.

Global warming still remains a debated topic in the scientific community and the politicians who claim that there isn’t enough proof to support the validity of global warming due to unregulated anthropogenic activities. Then there is another section of scientists who claim to be sure about the phenomenon and the consequences of global warming. This bunch of scientist has changed the world around by numerous summits and conferences and has come up with protocols which are now being reframed to accommodate developed nations. Like it or not, as on today global warming is an official threat.

Go GreenEveryone has to do their bit including people like you and me. Global warming has definitely stirred up many delayed and better said ignored scientific developments like bio diesel, harnessing solar energy, wind power and geo-thermal energy. These alternate energy solutions can slowly replace the conventional energy programs and are being endorsed by most governments across the globe as they are cleaner and eco-friendly technologies.

Promoting green means of upgrading living standards have bought about positive changes such as compressed natural gas (CNG) in cars and thereby replacing petrol; since CNG is a cleaner fuel that emits few or no green house gases (GHGs). Products such as CFL bulbs and T5 tube lights are slowly replacing traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tube lights respectively. LED bulbs are also quickly catching up as they emit lower GHGs and are also energy efficient.

Every industry and sector is required to meet targets to reduce GHG emissions or simply pay for it. Opting for greener and cleaner technologies is the new age mantra. Promoting products that fall in this category can be a decent business option even during an economic slowdown.

Solar panels and wind turbines and several such products are considered as promotional items of go green revolution. This is almost like a cult phenomena taking over the world slowly. Many can find lucrative career options in the field of environment as well. Research, education, law, economics and management re few aspects of environment; anybody participating in this field would do well not only for themselves but the whole world. Just look at the big picture that you could be a part of as well.

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