Google Added Chrome to Apple Devices

Google Chrome AppleThe Google Chrome web browser has seen an unbelievable level of growth over the past two years, as Google estimates the numbers to be roughly three hundred percent. Google just announced in their 2012 keynote that they have done what many thought was not possible. Apple devices which are all powered by iOS will have mobile Chrome. Apple will never settle to let Google Chrome take over their primary browser, but they have let Google add the mobile Chrome application to the market place. For users wanting something more useful and user friendly then Safari, you would be able to download the Google browser into your Apple devices sometime today.

The great benefit in using Google Chrome on your Apple device is that you get to take advantage of the various Google services from one single application. Not only do you get to search from the browser bar, but you can get more unique homepage notifications when you use Google Chrome on iOS. Apple users have been waiting for this sort of update ever since mobile Chrome was ported on other devices. Jail broken Apple devices had the ability to port Google Chrome, but now you can do it the right way by downloading the application when it comes available on the App Store.

Once you port mobile Chrome onto your Apple devices, you will be able to sync all your bookmarks and favourites from your browser setting on your PC. Google is only going to make the functionality better in the coming updates, so it’s best to start using it today. The Google team responsible for porting goodies onto the iOS platform knows how important these features are and they are making the most out of Google services. The funny thing however is that iOS is far more compatible with mobile Chrome as opposed to Android!

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