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Google: Increasingly Dereferencing and this is not Going to Stop

Google is a SEO specialist and content indexing, but in recent months it has also become a dereference specialist! In the month of February 2016, the search engine has received close to 77 million requests for content deletions. In any case this what can be noticed by visiting the Google Transparency Report.

Dereferencing: Google gives a positive response in 97% of cases

In this report, we read that the Mountain View company has received 76,899,797 request to dereference URLs in February. This figure increases month after month and has doubled compared to the same date last year. The majority of these requests related to offenses on Copyright and rights owners are now having their right not to grant a broadcast, for those who violate the copyright.

Google Copyright

To better imagine the volume of data to be processed by Google, this represents 19 million removal requests per week, or 2.7 million per day, 112,500 per hour 1875 per minute or 31 per second! These figures give the dizzy yet Google is able to treat these and de-listing requests are accepted in about 97% of cases by the Mountain View company.

The biggest solicitor is the Rivendell company with close to 18 million URLs removal. The company represents many companies in the world. However, the biggest website penalized by its Web page is, with nearly 4,147,793 URL concerned by these applications for rights holders.

The search engine has become a true dereference specialist if we take the full year 2014 as an example, Google had to treat 345 million requests, comparing this result to the month of February 2016 when nearly 77 million URL have been removed, can you see how it’s easy the explosion in the sector.

It seems that the race for delisting is expected to accelerate in the coming months, as more and more companies want to make a large household to protect their content or their image and are increasingly determined to assert this right , especially as the de-referencing directly or indirectly affect their own SEO in some cases.

Did you have some content copied or token? Get ready and ask Google to remove your content from the search results in order to benefit your website and SEO campaign.

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