Google Introduces Offline Docs Editing at Keynote 2012

Edit Google Docs OfflineGoogle Drive was launched earlier this year, which made it easier to access several Google features and services. Today, that same company has announced that they will be launching a new feature with Google Docs, which would enable total offline editing of Docs. Not only will you be able to edit your Google documents offline, but you will also benefit from Apple applications that are going to make this possible. No matter what device you are on, you will be able to edit Google documents offline and be able to sync the changes to the cloud when you have internet connection.

With the new offline Google docs editing feature, you will be able to make changes, create docs, edit docs and even add comments without being connected to the internet. All these changes, no matter big or small will get saves in cache settings until you get a stable internet connection. This is perfect for people on the go, especially when you can’t be online when you’re in the air. The setting will be added sometime today in Google Drive, which is accessible through the gear icon. To enable the offline doc editing permissions, you would have to turn on the feature in Google Drive settings.

However, in order to begin using the offline editing feature, you will need to have the newest update for ChromeOS or Chrome. As of now, this is only available on Google Docs and not on presentation files or spreadsheets. During the 2012 keynote, Google did mention that they have been tweaking things around to enable offline editing for presentations and spreadsheets, so expect to see some new updates in the field soon. Google Drive is only getting better and better, especially with the latest iOS app available from the App Store.

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