Grand Theft Auto IV Game Review

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always lived up to its name and the upcoming game is predicted to rake in sales of just over $300 beating the previous record set by Halo 3. Grand Theft Auto IV concludes the story of the main character Niko Bellic who comes to the USA to search for the American Dream but instead has to battle his way and face the harsh reality of betrayal, murder and deception. The game is developed by Rockstar North and has received worldwide praise for its realistic game play, however it is still remains one of the most controversial franchise in the history of gaming.

GTA IV is set in a new unique location in Liberty City and the story continues this time with more challenges and much more game play than ever before. Over 150 game developers worked on GTA and this time the game engine is one of the most powerful engines used in a game. In addition, the character moves are much more realistic to previous Grand Theft Auto games as more and more games much into the game 2.0 genre. Moreover, the original release date of the game was delayed several times and therefore, the official release date remains to be 29th April 2008 for a official worldwide release.

The plot of the game is simple. The main character of the game Niko Bellic travels back to Liberty City to help his friend Roman who lies to him about living the rich lifestyle and claiming to be making millions of dollars. Their friendship soon turns sour as Niko is dealt with life-threatening decisions and the obstacles he faces throughout the game justify the overall story. In addition, Grand Theft Auto IV is set to be launched on the XBOX 360 and there is a huge buzz in the gaming community at the moment.

GTA 4 is launched on April 29th 2008 and the anticipation is so huge that some gamer are even trying to bootleg copies of the game.

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