Great iPhone Applications for Photographers

iPhone Photography ApplicationsMajority of the photographers love gadgets. Now you can place iPhone in your bag before going to capture the amazing photography and if you have an iPhone with you, seriously you do not require any other device. There are several iPhone applications that you can use for photography. Simply go to the Apple store and fetch them. Price of these applications is low as compared to the most camera gears. As there are hundreds of applications for photography and many apps do the same functionality so let’s break them into diverse categories.

Calculators for depth of field and hyperfocal length:

By taking the iPhone camera auto-focus off, these calculators allow you to manage the depth of field. You can either increase the sharpness or make a nice and creamy effect. For example, you can use the hyperfocal distance methods if you want to shoot landscapes. Well, It is very difficult to make selection from this crowded field as there are more than 25 applications that lie in this category. It is recommended to use the “Simple Dof Calculator” because it is easy to work with the wheel interface as compared to sliders in some other calculator applications. But if you do not like the wheel interface, then you should go to buy the DOF master, Focalc or Bokeh.

Sunset & Sunrise:

Some photographers want the best light effect for the outdoor photography. It can be tricky to capture the magic hours just before the sunset and after the sunrise. This is the most beautiful environment but most photographers find difficulty in capturing such kind of shoots. There are number of iPhone apps in app store that can help you in this plan. You can download the “Sol: Daylight Clock” app that costs only $0.99. This app is simple to use which can set to display the dusk and dawn as nautical, astronomical and civil time notations. This app lets you to save locations and refer to them within seconds. If you want to view multiple locations at one time, then you can use VelaClock, iEhemeris Pro or Focalware.

All-around assistants:

If you want to save your money or you do not really like the change from one app to another then you should go for the Swiss Army Knife photo helpers. Most photographers prefer PhotoBuddy from this category. This app has a well designed interface and contains the sunset and sunrise times, which you love in any photography application. Moreover, it includes the interactive field depth and hyperfocal calculator, exposure calculator and flash exposure calculator. A grayscale slope in app lets you to set the white balance in your picture and much more. There are several apps in this category but if you don’t want to check for crowd then simply download the Photo Buddy app as it offers some functionalities that you will not find in any other app.

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    Jebs Apps
    March 20, 2012 at 17:37

    As one of the developers, I feel compelled to tell you about our photography app, GoldenPic.

    GoldenPic doesn’t just give you the sunrise and sunset, it also provides you the blue and golden hours, moon phase, moonrise and moonset times, weather, GPS coordinates, etc. It even lets you save your GPS coordinates to recall at a later day/time and integrates with Google Maps (great for planning a photo shoot)!

    If that’s not enough, it lets you change the date, provides 5 different ways to change your location and you can email the data to yourself or a client… all from within the app!

    Or, watch our video that explains everything in detail at:

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