Great iPhone Applications to Boost Productivity and Free up Time

Apple has definitely hit the sweet spot with the iPhone 4, it has everything one might need hardware wise (the screen alone is worth the price!), it looks exceptionally well. Better than just about any other competing device, and it has over 300,000 apps on the marketplace that can turn it into anything you want, from a portable media center and gaming console to a pretty advanced personal assistant, which can help you manage everyday tasks in your life and work, giving you more freedom and making you as productive as it gets. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best (in my opinion) iPhone 4 apps that can do just that. Check them out when you get the chance, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant was one of the best calendar and task managing suites on the old Windows Mobile 5/6 devices, and its legacy continues to this day. The new app for the iPhone and iPad is an excellent choice for those who want to manage their schedule effectively and get quick access to tons of details about their tasks and To Do items. You can search and sort tasks with multiple filters, set up various reminders (including location-based ones), add descriptions, notes and tags, and much more – this is one of the best app suites for productive individuals and business professionals.


If you ask any Mac or iPhone user about the best note taking app, they most probably answer with “Evernote”. And they’d be right, since Evernote is the pioneer in note taking and file syncing services for the platform, and it has everything one may need to keep all the information they want safe and accessible at a moment’s notice. You can write text notes, record audio and video, add descriptions, location information and tags and do a lot of other useful things with this app. If you’re constantly bustling with ideas and need to remember them, this app is a must have!


If you don’t want to bother with all the extra features that most task management apps offer, Taskr is an excellent choice – it’s a very simple, no-frills To Do list and task manager that is very straightforward to use and will not distract you from your main goal (which is completing the tasks, fo course). The real beauty of the app is that it can use multiple online services to manage the tasks themselves, and the iPhone app is just an Adobe Air “skin” – you can actually create, edit and mark tasks as complete from any device, including your MacBook, a Windows computer or Android phone.


In today’s connected world, it has become a real pain to remember and manage all the passwords and usernames for your favorite websites and credit card numbers for online purchases. Sure, you can do what most people do and have a universal password for everything, but that’s not really safe. A good solution is to store all this data in a secure location that is always with you. Clearly, a paper notebook won’t do, but your iPhone definitely can! With eWallet, you can have any kind of information and even files stored in an encrypted file on your phone’s memory, which can also be backed  up regularly to external devices and remote servers without compromising security – this way, you only need to remember one password.

Air Sharing

Air Sharing makes it very easy to work with files that you would otherwise constantly transfer between your iPhone and other devices. With this app, you can mount your iPhone’s memory as a wireless drive on your laptop and transfer any files or work with them directly. You can also use the iPhone to connect to your computer or remote server (including Dropbox, FTP, WebDAV, CloudMe and many other services) and retrieve or even stream the files from there (watch a movie without having to download it first, for example). Once you try this app, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with all those difficulties before!

The iPhone 4 is a perfect example of an all-in-one device, as it can be used for a lot purposes with ease – it’s only a matter of finding and installing the right apps. If you want to have a great personal digital assistant, installing some or even all of the apps listed above is definitely a great way to start!

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