GroceryList iPhone Application Review

Helium Foot Software has introduced a new grocery list app for the iPhone and iPod touch called GroceryList. This app was tailor made for people that live busy and hectic lives. It is an efficient way to have your grocery list ready for you on the spot.

As soon as you launch this app, users will notice the huge list of various items that they might need to purchase in the supermarket. Located on the top section is the Search bar to look for a specific item. Plus you can search for an item using the multi-index scanning on the right side of the screen. All you have to do is tap on the alphabet that closest to your item. You can also tap on the My Common Items located under the Search bar if you are in a hurry. As soon as you locate your item, just tap on it and the “+” button to include it on your list.

The great thing about this app is that you can create multiple grocery lists. Simply tap on the More Lists located on the top left section of the screen and then the “+” button to create a new list. This app categorizes items according to Aisle that you can edit its placement and add a note. Once you have finished adding and creating your shopping list, just tap on the Go Shopping button located on the lower part of the screen to create the list.

,Once again, the items pre-listed in this app are quite complete from office supplies to food. On feature that would be helpful is the ability to export or email the users’ lists. All in all, GroceryList is a very practical shopping list app for the iPhone and iPod touch. But if the $4.99 price tag is too expensive for a shopping list app, you can always use a pen and paper.

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