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Ground Breaking Tips to Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of your visitors that leave your website from the first page and don’t visit any other page of your website. This means the lower the bounce rate, the better. If you want to lower your website’s bounce rate which will eventually enhance the conversion ratio of your website, here are few of the SEO tips that you will find extremely helpful.

1. Nicely designed website

It is a known fact that if your website has a good design and compelling layout your visitors will stay on your landing page for much more time. Landing pages should not only be designed nicely but they must have all the required information about your product or service too. Make sure that your landing page contains all the information that was promised in the ad copy.

Keep in mind that it is not all about quality content. An ugly design of website can make your visitors hit the close button before he even starts reading your content. So make sure that your landing page is good by all means.

2. Use Highly Relevant Keyword Terms

Don’t ever go after broad keywords, but use highly relevant long tail keywords that are bound to get you the highly interested buyer. Broad and generic keywords may end up giving you visitors that are not really interested in buying the stuff you are selling.

3. Make it easy for the visitors to navigate

Make sure that the navigation in your website is properly designed and it allows the visitors to navigate easily throughout the website. Make sure that the pages in which your visitor is most interested is easily accessible with one or at most two clicks.

4. Content

If you have no quality content on your landing page, than you cannot expect to get as lower bounce rate as you would expect. Your articles or sales copy must be highly relevant to what you offered in your ad copy. You cannot expect to convert a visitor into customer if your content does not provide useful information and properly written instructions about your product or services.

5. Page Loading Speed

Recently Google has starting giving preference to WebPages that load rather quickly. A fast loading page can give you benefits in terms of both visitors and Google bots. So it is a good option to make sure that you pay some attention to the loading speed of the website.

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