Gyration Air Mouse Elite Review

Gyration Air Mouse is compatible for both windows and Mac operating system and can be charged through USB. You can learn to use this device very easily. The latest version of Gyration Air Mouse has plastic design which gives it a cheaper feel when compared to previous models; the smaller buttons are prone to accidental clicks.

The RF dongle will not function as storage device like the earlier models which is another limitation of this latest version. Also, you cannot add motion control applications with this software. Gyration has launched its latest Air mouse Elite with new design, button layout and compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating system. This device comes for an affordable price of 80$ but the low price is compensated through build quality, and plastic design gives it a cheaper look that earlier models. The ease of use is good with this model, but when there touch sensitive pointing solutions like MX Air from Logitech which has been designed for home theater environment, this one seems to be quite outdated.

You can use this Air Mouse Elite either in tabletop or on air using motion control. With help of 2.4 GHZ RF technology, you can use the wireless device as a normal pointing device and there is separate USB receiver to charge this device by connecting it with your Desktop. There is no additional space in the dongle for using it as storage key. In order to use this device, you should install the MotionTools software that comes along with it which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Just plug-in the USB dock for charging the device, plug-in your RF receiver, and click the connect button in the mouse and RF receiver. The plug-and-play technology is a cool feature which allows both devices to synchronize automatically and you can start using the mouse in 5 minutes. Similar to any other device, the tracking sensitivity can be adjusted with help of settings in Control Panel.

The dimensions of the device are 1.5×2.3×4.5 inches. You can use it easily with your hand and thumb placed on top of scroll wheel and the pointer finger should touch the trigger present at bottom, but you can easily feel that the build quality is poor when compared to earlier models. There are 2 buttons present on both sides of scroll wheel. And there is convex gesture button present below the wheel along with 3 shallow media buttons. All the buttons can be customized using the MotionTools software. The mouse comes along with 2-year limited warranty against any accidental defects. This latest pointing solution from Gyration has cool features and is definitely a loveable device for technology geeks.

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