How Class C Hosting Affects SEO ?

What is an IP address? In a layman language IP address is simply a coded address that is used to identify a particular PC on the internet. IP is a standard used for the categorization and identification of anyone or anything on the world wide web. It can be a person sitting on the PC, or objects placed on a web server which we refer as web hosting.

In this article we are going to lay down a few advantages that you can achieve by using Class C address for your hosting to benefit your overall SEO campaign. Class C IP addresses are supposed to be more SEO friendly and provide more information to the google Bots about the web server and the pages hosted on it.

Listed are few of the advantages you can achieve with a class c hosting

  1. Using class C addresses enable you to host multiple websites on a same server with each of them having their own unique address. If all of your websites have the same ip address (which is a common practice in shared hosting), than Google might detect that all these sites belong to the same person, and may consider them as link or site farms.
  2. You link building gets whole lot better when you have a range of Class C addresses to host your multiple sites. You don’t need to buy so many links from other relevant websites; rather you can create your own multiple sites with different IP addresses and link all of them to your money site.

When you have decided to opt for a class C hosting service. Make sure that you chose a company that knows all the Ins and Outs of this kind of SEO technique. And know the technicalities behind the class C structure. Don’t opt for some newly setup company as their customer support may not be good enough to help you out. Keep in mind that there nothing worse than a non-responsive or non-technical hosting service.

Many C class hosting companies are coming on surface to offer their services as this is considered as a latest SEO technique. But keep in mind that having a C class hosting for your websites can never give you rankings, you need to do much more than that e.g. link building on page seo, social bookmarking and on page SEO to get high rankings on Search Engine. But having a class C hosting can surely give your site a good push.

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