How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Treatment ?

Choose Cosmetic TreatmentCosmetic treatment is nowadays so popular and common that one could access hundreds of services by just one click on the web. You’ve got to remember cosmetic treatment is still a medical act. You need to take it seriously !

So how would you decide on the right treatment ?

First, ensure the practitioner is a qualified doctor

Forums are not always reliable as they could be accessed by anybody and their entries are not always verified. Messages could be so diverse and contradictory. You could end up with headaches reading horror stories and personal experiences. Word of mouth is still more reliable than social media. So, better you talk to somebody who experienced the service.

Ensure the practitioner is a registered doctor and check their qualifications. Their experiences… have they worked in different centers ? Are they still making time to learn new techniques ? Also check where they work. Do their clinics have minimum quality and safety standard ?

Price transparency is another good criteria for you to assist you make up your mind

You’ll find dozens of Internet advertisements that praise a cosmetic company or surgeon for its expertise and quality of interventions…all at a small price.

Most use expressions like ‘cost less’. It is important to check what the price includes. A good practice would specify all the services and give you a break down of all treatment. It is worth knowing details about the consultation, investigations, and products used, hospital stay, transfers, follow up and guaranties after treatment.

Nowadays many cosmetic websites publish a price list like the one advertised by certain airline companies. Price starts as low as possible. Then, they expose you to so many add-ons such as priority checks, priority boarding, choosing a seat, reserving a meal…by the time you are at the checkout, the price would have been multiplied by 10.

If you are interested in a service, contact the provider; ask specific questions and request written answers.

Assess the service and the practitioner even when after making up your mind

Now that you made a selection and decided on a treatment, you are happy about the price you were offered…what should you expect ?

A good practice should go through the routine care processes like you were to have a hernia repair. First you should expect a health questionnaire to ensure you are suitable for a treatment. A good practitioner should give you advice if the treatment you chose is not right for you. He must discuss with you risks and complications and ensures you understand them. Simple questions about your health such as previous medical history, allergies, medication history, alcohol consumption and smoking are not being overlooked. After all, as we said above, cosmetic treatment is a medical act.

Finally, a good practitioner would allow you time to think about your treatment. There is no such thing called emergency cosmetic treatment!

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