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How to Earn from Your Blog?

Blogging is a good way to earn money from the internet. A blog helps you to establish your presence online. It helps to express yourself and at the same time helps you to establish your online business. While setting up a blog, the following tips may be followed:

* You can use either Blogger or WordPress as your blogging platform. Both are free and easy to use.

* Make frequent posts to the blog. You should post at least twice a week. In addition to providing the latest information on your topic, you should also answer to reader’s questions. You may provide book reviews and other interesting materials.

* The different categories of posts should be indexed properly. It helps a visitor to find the posts in which he/she is interested.

* The blog should contain useful information. You may offer your products and services for sale. But you should be careful not to turn it completely into a sales page.

* You can have an opt-in box in your blog to capture the email addresses of your visitors. In exchange of the email addresses, you may offer them something useful such as, an E Book or some software etc.

* Whenever you make some posts, ping them through Google, Yahoo etc.

Before starting earning online, there is a list of things to know to earn online, then the following are the different ways to earn from a blog:

Advertisements: Advertisements are an important source of income for a blog. You can sign up for various PPC networks such as Google, Yahoo, Bidvertiser etc. who will supply the different ads to be displayed. These ads are relevant to the topic of your blog. You earn money from each click on these ads. You can also sell your own advertising space on the blog.

Your own products: Instead of outside advertising you may sell your own products such as an E Book.

Build your list: We all know that “Money is in the list“. Blogs can be used to build your own opt-in list. For this you have to use some auto-responder service such as ‘Aweber’. When you capture the email addresses of the visitors to your blog, you may send them various offers in the future.

Website review: Another way to earn from your blog is to offer reviews on other sites. For this you have to sign up with various review networks such as ‘Pay per post’, ‘Smorty’ etc.

Donations: You can also earn from donations made by your visitors.

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    Blog for Beginners
    August 23, 2008 at 05:50

    The fact is in this ever competitive market earning money online is not as easy as it was before but still there is money to be made.

    I’m looking at the possibility of doing a paid review on my site.

    Good tip, Zak.


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    August 25, 2008 at 17:56

    Thanks Yan,

    And yes you are right the making money online market is a very competitive market but everyone have to take his chances even with all the big players in the industry that make the start more difficult.

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    November 14, 2010 at 18:02

    you got to work hard to earn lots of money because it is not very easy to earn ‘;.

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