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How to Get More Conversion in Your Affiliate Product Reviews

The easiest way to generate affiliate sales is to write review articles. Whatever product that you promote, writing a review for that product will give you easier affiliate sales. Here are some tips to get more conversion in your affiliate product reviews:

1. Images and videos
Writing review without giving some images and videos about the product will give you less conversion. In the readers perspective, they will quickly become bored by reading your review. That’s why it’s important for you to insert some images or videos about your reviewed product. What if you are reviewing software or digital products? At least give your readers some screen shots about the product and some videos detailing how it works.

2. Special deal, discount, or promo
This is what will make your product review stands out from the crowd. If you give review and you can give people special deal, discount, or promo for the reviewed product, you will be able to make them buy from your link.

3. Comparison
It is very good to insert comparison for similar products. For example, if you are reviewing a Sony LED TV, you can give comparison with other LED TVs from other manufacturers. This will give your review more solid ground.

Conversion in your affiliate product

4. Use personal tone
To write good review articles, it is necessary for you to write your review in personal and friendly tone. After all, if you sound like a company employee, people will be suspicious at you. But still, don’t fake your personality. Just make your review sounds natural. Remove the formalities in your review. Review articles that are written with personal tone will tend to drive more traffic to your affiliate sales page. Also, if you are able to build trust, you will be able to persuade them to purchase the product through your link.

5. Make sure that it is honest
Honesty is important to make your review stands out from the crowd. There are too many biased reviews about any products you can find on the Internet. Therefore, honesty is an important part of your review. You have to be honest with your review, and you should not let your ego to sink into your review. It is true that your main goal is to make some sales from your review, but if you do it the wrong way, people will find your trick quickly.

6. It is best to accompany your review with preselling articles
One of the best ways to strengthen your review article is to write some accompanying articles for your review article. Those articles are preselling articles that will give your review more persuasive power. Preselling article are articles that give the readers valuable, interesting, and extraordinary information related to the product that you review. You will need to write at least 5 of those articles and place it alongside your review article.

Follow those tips when writing your product reviews and you will be able to generate lots of sales from your next reviewed product. Just try those tips and apply it in your affiliate marketing campaign and you’ll notice the difference!

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