How to Get Windows 7

Windows 7 is the new version of Microsoft Windows. This is version number 6.1. You get many advanced features with this version of Windows. It may not seem a major improvement over the Windows Vista, but it does have some special features to impress the users. It also boasts the performance and it amazes the users with the new features like live task bar. It is a completely redesigned task bar which gives you better functionality. The search options are also greatly improved in Windows 7.

When you have made up your mind to move to windows 7, you will need to get a copy of the Windows 7. You should look at the different features provided by different editions and then you should choose the right edition according to your own needs. The prices of the editions also vary. You can get all the prices and a chart comparing the features of the different editions on the Microsoft website.

There are quite a few places and ways to get the copy of your windows 7. The best way is to get it straight from the Microsoft website. You can point your browser to the Microsoft website and then choose the relevant edition of Windows 7 there. You will see the price of each edition at the website as well. You will be able to purchase the windows online on the Microsoft website. You will find that Microsoft has provided with various payment options to make it easy for the users to get the new version of windows from their website.

The other way to get Windows 7 is to order a new PC which comes with Windows 7. This is a wise choice because the Microsoft will make sure that the PC has decent hardware to run the Windows 7 in the best possible manner. You can shop for PCs on the Microsoft windows 7 website. They give you a good range of options and you can also search for the PC that you want.

You can also get the windows 7 upgrades using the same website. It will give you the option to get the windows 7 on your current PC. It will take sometime but once the files are downloaded to your PC, you will be upgraded without any further delay. This section also offers to add features to your existing windows 7. You can shop for them on the same page.

If you are not sure what you should do, they key to solve the problem is to have a look at your pocket. If you have the budget to afford a new PC, then this is the best option. If you can not afford a new PC, then you can find a suitable edition and purchase it online. You can also get the Windows 7 DVD from the retailers which are Microsoft certified.

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    Valentine Esmaili
    December 29, 2009 at 14:46

    What an amazing machine… Acer did a tremendous job here.

    I have spent a fair bit of time using netbooks, and while the increased size of the aspire 1410 does make it ever so slightly less lap worthy, the screen’s usability more than makes up. I would have to say that 10-12 inches is perfect for a laptop that is used primarily to surf the web.

    As for the performance, the only thing it cannot do, that you might reasonably expect or want it to do (this is obviously not a machine to do high end cad work on…) is HD video. Here it is somewhat hit or miss depending on what application, plug in, source, full screen or not, etc. you are trying to view. Currently, you cannot have guaranteed smooth HD video in this form factor for $399 (price I paid at BJs) from any manufacturer as far as I can tell.

    As for usability, the keyboard and trackpad are great, it has HDMI out and I sometimes plug it into my LCD tv to look at pictures etc. – this works flawlessly. Negative comments regarding the keyboard or trackpad should largely be disregarded. Having read a million reviews for laptops, I think this is a very personal thing, and you should try the keyboard and trackpad before you buy if you can (like at best buy etc.) One guys rough trackpad is perfect for somebody else. If the mouse jumps because at this size with your hands the inside meat of your palms brushes the trackpad, is that a design flaw (note this is an example, I don’t actually have this problem)? Overall it is one of the nicer trackpad/keyboard combos for me… I like a trackpad that feels like matte finish plastic (vs. smooth, shiny plastic or really fine grit sandpaper) and that is what this has.

    What else… no CDROM is obviously a huge BENEFIT for form factor. Yes you’ll need an external if you want back up DVDs… It would be nice if you could make a backup USB instead, but you can’t. I made the DVDs and can restore if I need to.

    The screen is gorgeous.
    Windows 7 rocks (about time, microsoft)

    Ger one!

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