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How to Get your Site on Google Top 10

Many times new website owners wonder why their website is not visible on the first page of Google even though they have done everything perfectly. Well, they are unaware of the fact that simply designing and launching the website is not enough in today’s time where competition is neck to neck. If you are a new website owner let me tell you this strange fact about cyberspace that out of millions of websites only a mere eight to ten percent of websites are able to make business and be successful. So what happens to the rest of the lot? Well, unfortunately, these websites die out in few weeks because they hardly receive any web audience that would click on them.

People on cyberspace are always in hurry and therefore more than ninety percent of the people all around the world; prefer to check only the first page of Google search list. Hence, if your website is not among those top ten websites than you need to work hard and get your site among the top ten sites on Google.

Keywords are really important when you are designing and adding content to your website. As a website owner you have to understand that your customers are looking for a particular product or service and you need to ensure that such words are embedded in your website as well. Another important aspect of your website is your content, so try to keep it original and unique from other websites as it will earn you a lot of readers who are looking for a good quality content, and also for search engines that loves and index fast fresh and unique content. Avoid using flashy colors and animations on your website as it looks unprofessional and also annoys the customers as these animations take a lot of time to open up and load. Make sure the fonts are not too small that would again hamper your website.

This is just an overview, a general idea on how you can proceed in order to get your website or blog ranked on the top 10 Google or any other search engine listing. What I want to say to all new webmasters who contacted me about this topic, is that there is no exact “to-do list” or exclusive tips which will rank your site on the top of search listing, optimization need time and hard work so my advice to you is to be patient and determinate.

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    June 9, 2010 at 13:31

    Thanks for posting this tip. I will will try using your SEO tip in my blog so that i can generate at least some new visitors from search engine.

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      February 26, 2016 at 18:10

      You can generate unlimited amount of visitors from search engines.

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