How to Market a New Website?

Marketing of a new website is not an easy task. A lot of new websites are created everyday. Only a few of them can survive. While good and quality content is necessary for any website to be popular, a good website with unique quality content may fail getting an important amount of traffic because of the lack of a proper marketing strategy.

These are some marketing strategies which you should consider in order to market a new website:

  1. Advertising on free classified sites like craigslsit, backapge, kijiji etc.
  2. Exchange links with relevant sites. Don’t exchange links with spammy sites.
  3. Bookmarking on social bookmarking sites like digg.com, stumbleupon.com, delicious.com etc.
  4. Comment posting on relevant blogs.
  5. Participating on forums.
  6. Directory submissions.
  7. Offer an affiliate program.
  8. Advertising on local newspaper, TV and other off-line media.
  9. Article marketing submission.
  10. Marketing through social networking sites like MySpace.com, facebook.com etc.
  11. Advertising on Google’s AdWord and similar other advertising network.
  12. Search Engine Optimization.
  13. Publish RSS feeds and submit your RSS feeds on feed directories.
  14. Publish videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  15. Promote on Yahoo Answers.
  16. Make a custom 404-error page so that you don’t miss any traffic.
  17. Promote on Yahoo groups and google groups.
  18. Offer free news letter.
  19. Participate in traffic exchange programs.
  20. Use twitter.com to send regular updates of your site.

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