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How to Optimize for Mobile Searchers on Multiple Devices

Optimize Mobile SearchersAre you still using a one size fit all for searchers? In this day of multiple mobile devices this could be a costly mistake. Even business owners who use mobile devices themselves shy away from mobile optimization with their site for fear of low conversion rates.

The fact of the matter is that people are using their mobile devices to look for products and services and you need to make allowances for that or you could be losing out. To be effective here you must build your pages with conversions in mind and it must deliver content in a way that is suitable for the mobile device used. Here are some tips for optimizing for mobile device searchers.

Start With Your Budget

Your budgets for your mobile campaigns should be separate from your desktop campaigns. This way you will be able to control your spending for one without affecting the other. Bidding on keywords for mobile will need to be more aggressive.

Shorter Keywords

Keywords for mobile devices need to be shorter than the ones used for desktops. The keywords themselves must be very specific and relevant to what people are searching for. Use trial and error to identify the best performing keywords on different mobile devices.


Don’t be lazy with your mobile ads. Never copy the ads that you use for desktop. Use search queries to identify searcher intent and use the information to write mobile specific ads. Your landing pages must be tailored for smaller screens but that does not mean that you should sacrifice user experience. Vertical scrolling, shorter forms, simple navigation and large buttons are some elements of an effective mobile landing page.


Mobile users rarely include their locations when searching so employ Geo-targeting methods in your local campaigns so that mobile users know that you target directly targeting their specific location. This makes it all the more likely for them to notice you in the search.


Where will you drive your traffic? This is an important consideration if you have a physical location as well as an online store. If you want to increase the foot traffic at your local store include maps and directions and add a store locator.

These solid points should help you target mobile searchers more effectively. Keep in mind the peak times that people use specific devices and target appropriately. Insight will help you understand the trends as well as the keywords and click through rates so use this wisely.

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