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How to Optimize Website for Visitors

It is necessary to have several modifications in the sites in order to achieve the desired effects, and this is the moment where some optimizer and webmasters are confused. To change the sites in order to attract visitor, optimizer sacrificing usefulness of the site for his “human” visitors and this is the most detrimental mistake that anyone can do with a site. When the robot visits your site will find a whole heap of text and it ranks as required by the search engine without attention to its format.

When a person visits your site – and in general, ultimately people are the ones that make your site – then he feels the whole effect of the exhibition and graphic interface. Since this effect will depend on how visitors navigate through your site, how it uses and whether it will become a user of your products and services or not. So – excessive optimization can we play very bad joke – can qualify first, but if you sacrifice for the purpose of the site link with the human visitor, as rated first place, to any search engine will bring you absolutely nothing . It may sound absurd, but excessive optimization destroys the visitors that are its object. There are ways to achieve the golden medium between optimizing site search engine robots while maintaining the convenience that our customers require. It is difficult to make, but the site with such balance and place as rated, such as, there will be many more repeat visits site of a little above the lists reduced design and formatting.

As you mean that making design intended for people is very broad topic and varies depending on the type of site can view these basic rules and use them:

Elaborate titles to each page – headers – to allow your visitors to see clearly what concerns the page he is opening. The title should be the biggest text on your page.

Rest of the content should have a size less than 1/3 the size of the title. This will avoid monotonous view of the page.

Navigation menu must be clear and easy to use – it must be present on each page and the visitor should not open more frameworks to navigate around the site.

Images should be as light, in order to load the page quickly and effectively by all visitors.

The pages must not bigger than 40k (largest in html code) unless representing newspapers, technical research etc.

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