How to Promote a Cause by Blogging

While most bloggers create personal blogs to express themselves and generate income, other bloggers use their blogs to promote a cause. The latter become advocates of a social or political cause: their opinions are targeted towards seeking social change. As a consequence, most of these blogs face more criticism than blogs that tackle lighter themes. Nonetheless, blogs that focus on social commentaries are effective in getting the bloggers messages across. If you want to use your blog to promote a cause, here are two steps to become an effective online advocate:

Step 1: Choose the right cause

Selecting a cause may be extremely easy or difficult. The relative ease or difficulty depends on the preferences and beliefs of the blog owner. For example, if a blogger has a strong political conviction or has already committed himself to a specific cause, deciding is easy. For the undecided, here are factors to consider when choosing a cause:
Select a cause that you are either knowledgeable about, or willing to research on. You will post information on this topic regularly; your entries must be accurate.

Choose an appealing cause. Choose a topic that will be interesting to your potential visitors. Then, you must convince them to agree with the points you raise. It is not possible to influence all readers, but you must strive to be convincing at all times.

Step 2: Promote your blog

When you have decided which cause to promote, the next step is to draw visitors to your blog. There are many ways to do this, but here are two of the most effective and easy ways:

Search engine optimization:

In this method, and most of you already knows, the blogger try to increase the rankings of the blog in search engine results, so that readers are directed to the blog whenever they type a particular keyword related to the cause. You can do this by putting appropriate keywords in the posts, including title or image tags, and creating back links to the blog. These increase the blogs ranking, which in turn will generate blog traffic.

Forums and message boards:

This is a common method too, participating in forums related to the cause will establish your stand on the issue. You will also gain the respect of other members. In your forum posts, offer information about the cause and include a link to your blog in your signature. You may even incorporate links to your blog in the message body, but be aware of the message boards posting regulations.

Just follow these two easy steps, and you are on the right way to become an influential advocate of your chosen cause.

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