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How to Use Guest Blogging to Promote Affiliate Products

Most people are not familiar with guest blogging, but do you know that guest blogging can drive a good amount of affiliate sales for you? If you do it right, you will be able to achieve that outcome. Fortunately, in this article you are going to learn about how to successfully use guest blogging to promote your affiliate products. Here are some tips:

Guest Posting to Promote Affiliate Products

1. You must have a list and email series
Your list will be your final sales funnel for guest blogging. Why? That’s because it is easier to bring affiliate sales if you promote your affiliate products through your list. Forget about your blog for a while, you will need a list and powerful email series to begin with your affiliate marketing promotion.

  • The list: You can gain more subscribers through guest blogging. This will be your main method of list building.
  • The email series: After people join your list, make sure to give them powerful and valuable email series which will lead to your affiliate promotion. Craft this series well before start building your list. It is good to have at least 7 articles for your email series.

2. You must have a nice blog
Obviously, because you will do guest blogging, make sure that you have a blog with nice content related to your affiliate products. Remember that your blog must provide interesting information related to your niche. If you cannot provide this information, people won’t be interested to subscribe to your list. So, make sure that your blog can catch people’s attention and interest.

3. You must have informative and persuasive guest posts
Remember that your guest post must not be a form of advertisement about your affiliate products. You will promote your affiliate products inside your list. So, your guest post will act as your bait to attract people to join your list. That’s it. But, as bait, you should make your guest post as interesting as possible. It must have a strong A+ quality content that will create trust for you. Make your guest post a premium content. However, one thing that you must remember is that your guest post must deliver extraordinary information for your readers. This is what will lead them to your blog and finally join your list.

4. Good hosts for your guest posts
You shouldn’t post your precious guest posts to any kind of blog. You have to select the host blogs carefully. Here are few characteristics to consider:

  • The host blog must have plenty of traffic.
  • It must be closely related to your blog.
  • It must be operated by well-known person in the niche.
  • The content must be high quality.
  • It must have good readers interaction.

5. Beware of the mistakes
Don’t rely on one blog for your guest posts. Make sure that you have listed all the blogs that can become your potential partners. Don’t be rude with the blogger; you just need to ask for their help nicely. Giveaway your best content, not your worst. And don’t neglect your own blog in favor of guest posting. You have to keep posting content to your own blog. Lastly, don’t promote affiliate product or your blog in your guest posts. Ask the readers to join your list.

If done correctly, guest posts can give you plenty of affiliate sales. Just funnel the traffic from your guest posts to your list and promote your affiliate products on your list. It will give you better conversion.

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