How to Use the Power of Motivation

I am sure that you were in numerous situations where you wanted to accomplish something but you just couldn’t make yourself to do it. In most cases the problem for this is that you simply aren’t motivated enough to do the job. Now one thing you can do is to try to use the brute force of self-discipline but the truth is that when you try to force yourself something you’ll most probably fail.

This happens because your brain is always trying to minimize the amount of pain and at the same time bring more pleasure in your life. This mechanism is always working in the back of your mind and literally every of your behaviours is driven by that force. So you might ask yourself how to use this concept and how to get more things done without the unnecessary pain. Well simplest way to do that is to connect more pleasure to the act of doing the thing you want to do and to connect a lot of pain to the act of not doing it.

In other words you want to associate fun, curiosity, amazement and the sense of accomplishment to the task in hand. After you do that associate boredom, anger and other negative feelings to procrastination of that task. One way of doing it would be to write a long list of things that will be possible after you have accomplished your task. Then go and write another list of great feelings that you would feel about yourself when you would succeed.

And the last list would be the list of things that wouldn’t be possible if you failed at it. This way you will put your mind in a place where you will have a clear sense of value in the goal. It won’t be just a wish anymore but a need that you have to fulfill. However, sometimes the list alone won’t be enough and you will have to review it daily and vividly imagine the pleasures of succeed and the pains that could happen if you failed at it. By doing this your sub-conscious mind will start forming a habit of it and you won’t be able to resist it anymore. It will become effortless.

But if you just think of this you will miss a lot, because you have to actually write those things down and take some time for it. After that you will be able to control your life and there will be no need in forcing yourself to do anything anymore.

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