How to Write A Business Plan

How to write business planA business plan is like a blueprint of a house. In the field of business, a business plan serves as an outline or a framework of the business. More like a business model or a map that would trace the core of the business. Usually, this is supplied to financial institutions when a company wants to loan money.

If you intend to write it yourself here are the areas that are to be included:

1. An Executive Summary that included the general components of the business.

2. The Management Section represents the people behind the business, their qualifications and the hierarchy of operations. It also includes the company’s mission and vision statement.

3. The Technical Section covers the production, distribution and other technicalities concerning daily operation. It often includes strategic principles that the company embraces.

4.The Finance Section is the most important because it gives a concrete outline of the company’s performance base on their revenues, assets and liabilities.

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