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How to Write an Ad Copy that Sells

A¬†powerful ad copy reads as both authentic and convincing. Yet, a lot of sales copy leaves out too many important sales techniques that would make them more effective. Here are some can’t miss tips for writing unforgettable ad copy.

Use a postscript at the end. The postscript, or p.s. is a powerful way of getting last second attention and using for an additional closing statement, or offer a bonus or freebie. By this point, your prospects have read the entire ad, and may or may not be willing to buy. A strong p.s. statement can help seal the deal.

Place your discounted rate at the end. Quote your regular price throughout the article, and then end with an action statement that creates a sense of urgency something like Act right now and then offer a discount. You’ve seen these kinds of statements just about everywhere. That’s because they work. I’ve heard some people get hesitant about wanting to come across as too much like one of those salesmen. Get over it. Sales run the business. Use the tricks that work.

Free samples also make for a strong close. Statistics say that only 1 or 2 of every hit on your website results in a sale. Chances are there are a lot of people who make it to the end of your ad and still aren’t convinced. Close with an enticement by offering a free sample. This is especially easy if the sample is something downloadable like a chapter in an E-book, or a portion of music or audio file.

This might sound like common sense, but make sure that your ad creates a positive feeling about your product. Let your prospects know that your product or service will satisfy whatever need or want they have. Go beyond something bland like We sell what you need. Instead say something like, This product will transform your business by cutting work time and increasing productivity. You’ll be surprised you ever got by without it.

In some sense, you need to think of your ad copy like the essays you used to write in high school. Remember how your teacher always commented about supporting your statements? Same thing. Don’t assume that people will believe something just because you’ve written it. Devices like testimonials, endorsements, and independent studies (like those done by consumer groups) can be very powerful sales tools. Take advantage of them.

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