How Twitter Can Sky Rocket Small Businesses

Todays society is all about the social connections. Myspace, linkedin, facebook, and twitter all can help you build your small business presence online. What ever the size of your business is, you should be on multiple social networks and utilizing them. Your customers and clients are, so why aren’t you?

Twitter Sky Rocket Small Business

Here are some ways for you to begin to integrate your small business and twitter to sky rocket business.

Use twitter to spread your gospel! Twitter can be used to rapidly get the word out about a new product or service that you are offering. If a single twitterer decides to tweet about your upcoming products, services, or just your business. You could start seeing the effects immediately. Your followers will begin to grow and you will see a change in sales.

Twitter is free to use! You can have a account set up and operating in a few minutes. Mixed in with some daily tweets about your services and products. You can begin to see a difference in your sales and reviews that same day. The 140 characters is limiting, but effective if you used correctly.

Get your inner Sherlock Holmes on. Start using twitter to investigate who is talking about your products and services. Start following them and give them some customer support if necessary. A happy twitterer can give you 5-10 new customers and clients.

Something gigantic just happen in the office? A new deal that will give your customers some new features or a product? Twitter is supreme for this. You can let your twitter followers know the news first hand and in return see it spread like wildfire amongst your customers and clients. Word of mouth can’t beat twitters speed.

Now that you know how you small business can benefit from twitter and how you can bring in those sales. Start using twitter! Go out and get it done and begin to see your small business sky rocket and prosper.

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