HTC One V Now Available at North American Carrier: Virgin Mobile

HTC One V Virgin MobileBack in May, HTC announced that the new HTC One V would be hitting American carriers sometime this summer, but left us hoping that it would be sometime soon. The HTC One V was first unveiled at CTIA 2012. The flagship device got some heads to turn at this year’s CTIA, but does that mean HTC would see a rise in demand? HTC has been known to advertise the availability of its phone with various carriers, but it did not follow in it’s usually footsteps this year.

The HTC One V ships with Android 4.0 and is now available at Virgin Mobile. Both HTC and Virgin Mobile were quiet about the release, which makes us wonder whether they’ve got some new plans. The phone is available at Virgin on contract for three hundred and fifty dollars, while the off contract price fluctuates around the six hundred dollar mark. If you are going to be purchasing the phone outright, you might want to consider looking into some great competing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III. Even though these devices will not have Android Jelly Bean, it is safe to assume that it would be made available sometime in the coming months.

Overall, this 8MP camera bearing device is going to be named the last HTC One predecessor for a while, as HTC is working on various unrelated models at the time.

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