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Hubpages: The Latest Mode of Marketing and Promotion

Do you know what Hubpages are?

About HubpagesHubpages: It is a website, which has a long list of registered users who are eligible to post their content on the site for free. This website can be used by anyone to promote and endorse the services offered by them. It can also be defined as an Internet community which permits its users to publish content created by them. It also helps them to gain detailed knowledge and information about particular subjects. The concept came into existence in the year 2006 and since then it has gained popularity at a rapid rate.

Facts about hubpages

Google Page Ranking has ranked HubPages at 6th position

The popular search engine Google is fond of HubPages. It is considered authoritative.

Yahoo alone sends 56,000 links to HubPages.

Alexa’s web analysis has ranked Hubpages at 220th position.

What is the significance of Hubpages to common users?

  • Once you become a part of this community of HubPages you will become capable to increase the SEO footing on your blogs and websites. Connecting to Hubpages helps you in strategic placement of back links to online businesses.
  • You can publish matter on the internet with simple, easy and non-technical tools.
  • The matter you publish will be widely read.
  • Helps to create continuous royalty opportunities.

But how exactly can you do with Hubpages?

First you need be a part of this community. You go onto the HubPages, register yourself there and start making your own Hubs. Hubs are basically articles on various topics. These topics can be virtually any topic on which you feel you will be able to write. You are free to write articles on topics of your interest, your expertise, your business, etc..

With respect to marketing and promotion, this is the best way of promoting your businesses. In this way you are able to establish yourself as an expert and can also link back to your site blogs. Once you start doing this, you become a hubber. HubPages are usually user-friendly.

A unique feature of HubPages is the ranking system. Each article or hub is given a rank which ranges between 0-100. The hub or article scores and number of hubs that have been created are considered while the hubs are ranked. The various topics on which hubs are created are Automotive, Entertainment, Business & Jobs, Arts & Crafts, Health, Books & Writing, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Gender & Relationships and Holidays

How to make money from hubpages?

Hubpages permits its members to display targeted Google Adsense ads along with Amazon and EBay targeted ads. If a number of person visit your link, you will be able to earn a lot. The next way in which you can earn money through hubpages is affiliate marketing. In hub pages you can include capsules and one of the capsules included by you can be a link capsule or you can even hyperlink phrases or words in your text capsule so that the viewers will be able to view your products. This will help you to earn money.

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