I Want a Beach Destination Wedding

Getting married is not only a big step, and a big day, but also a major influencing factor on the rest of your life. Agreeing before the eyes of God to stick together through thick and thin is a decision not to be taken lightly, despite the modern worlds frivolous view of marriage and the ease at which they can be cancelled or broken.

When planning a wedding, the location is a big issue; maybe both parties involved have different ideas with regards the religious severity of the wedding, or size of the guest list.

A growing trend in wedding location is a beach destination. Not merely the local stretch of sand on a cold October afternoon, but tropical beach destinations; marriages at sunset underneath a crowd of palm trees with close friends and family the only ones in attendance.

A beach destination wedding provides the best of both worlds, a relaxed and intimate atmosphere created by the normally small group of attendee’s (kept small by the cost of air fares and booking time of work.) While many beach destination weddings also pose as the base point for the honeymoon, with a slight role reversal-taking place that sees the guests waved off from the reception leaving the happy couple behind.

Guests also benefit from attending a beach destination wedding as it provides the perfect excuse to stay an extra couple of days (in a separate hotel to the couple hopefully) and enjoy a short break or second honeymoon of their own.

Choosing a beach destination wedding is very much dependant on the time of year you want to get married in and the budget for the event. Some people have very specific reasons for choosing a certain date for their wedding, while others have not. This will be a major factor in deciding on a beach destination wedding. Obviously the cost of a beach destination wedding can be considerable larger than a more traditional church hosted event, simply because of the cost of accommodation before the event and the airfares. Especially if the happy couple already have children together or from previous relationships as is becoming the case more frequently in modern society.

A beach destination wedding is a good choice for a couple who are not traditionally or devoutly religious and view a wedding as more of an opportunity to cement their love and relationship before their friends and family above the eyes of God. By travelling to a beach destination they are creating a lasting memory that will live long in the minds of them and their guests for many years to come.

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