Important Credit Cards Security Tips

With the increasing number of credit card fraud and online hacking and phishing, one might become very hysteric on even using our credit cards online or offline. There have been new news emerging everyday on how someone was being cheated or bankrupted just by stealing the credit card info. It has become our duty to protect our credit cards from being stolen or hacked. You can follow some general tips on how to protect your credit card info. Here are 5 important credit cards security tips :

Tip #1:

Never ever use your credit card on sites which you are not familiar with or not a reputed site. Around 50% of the sites on the net seem to don’t have proper security features to protect your credit card info from being stolen. Always look for a padlock symbol on the right hand side bottom of the browser before giving your credit card details on that site. Also look for valid Verisign or other security verification sign on the site before using it. The page in which you are about to give credit card info should have https rather than regular http on the address bar.

Tip #2:

Never ever use your credit card on a shared or internet kiosks, as the chances of your credit card info being stolen is more in such computers.

Tip #3:

Never reveal your credit card PIN number to anyone even if it was the bank who issued it. Never leave your credit card lie around even at your home, it should be kept in a safe and secure place.

Tip #4:

At your home PC, keep it always clean and updated using a good antivirus or antispyware programs and a firewall to avoid hacking or getting stolen of personal info.

Tip #5:

Don’t reveal the CVV number, i.e., the last three digits on the back of your credit card, to anyone along with your credit card number, as this the number which is mostly be used to transact online and hence even without your credit card, someone can use your credit card info and buy anything online and hence leaving you with a bill that you have not used at all.

Tip #6:

Change your pin numbers and passwords of your online credit card logins frequently to avoid password theft. Keep your passwords long and difficult to predict to avoid easy guessing of passwords and thus resulting in credit card info theft. Always be extra careful when it comes to protecting your credit card from online fraud.

These 6 tips are important to better use your credit card, and here is another article on things that you may not know about your credit card bill.

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