Important Tips on Buying a New Laptop

Any established writer or online entrepreneur find it extremely difficult to travel without his Laptop as that’s the only helpful companion with him. In today’s tech savvy world professionals observing a busy and a frequently mobile work schedule inevitably need gadgets such as Laptops or Notepads to suit their purpose. For such individuals communication is more than a two way process and need to quite often send and receive replies in a day. Well as we can see that with celebrations and other festive occasions galore, the electronic market is throwing a feast for buyers as the prices come down heavily during such occasions ( even lesser than 20,00).

But what are those few ‘smart’ little things needed to be considered while buying a Laptop?

Well don’t get confused and take a look at some important tips that will ease out some question marks dancing in your mind!

Top tips on buying a laptop

1. Your Budget

Look out for Laptops with budget limitations already in your mind. Who knows you may get a high-end Laptop in minimum price as there would be a number of brands ready to compete with their close competitors.

2. Low prices doesn’t mean non branded ones

Smartness lies in buying a good priced Laptop with a noted brand. Brands authenticate quality and warranty period too. So look out for a branded Laptop. With the growing number of Laptop companies you can find as many brands to choose with. Some already established ones are Acer, Apple, HP- Compaq, Dell, HCL and Sony. You should be also glad to know that most of these companies offer a variety of finance options.

3. Laptop Configuration

Laptops come attached with configurations or names such as Intel Celeron M Processor (basic), Intel Cetrino Mobile Technology with Core Solo Processor (mid-range), Duo Mobile Technology with Core Duo (Mid-range) etc… For those looking for attractive looking models with high-end configurations can take a look at the latest models such as Apple’s Power PC G4.

4. Laptop Size

Size of a Laptop matters the most depending upon the kind of frequency you display while being mobile. For shorter bursts and more traveling a Notepad would be advisable.  For longer duration of work at one place a Laptop with a wider screen will be more comfortable to work with.

E-mails need less space while Graphics and spreadsheets need a wider screen. So check out your priorities as regards the size too.

5. Are you a 21st century net- freak

Well more than 80% of the Laptop users today are intensely connected to the net.  Ranging from vast number on online services to being connected to the ‘home network’, net freaks find it easy with Laptops having built-in features to connect to all of them. So look for a Laptop which is designed to have such connections which will speed up your network communication.

6. Memory needs

For high-end users 1GB memory would be more suitable than for those who buy Basic Laptops with 512 MB.

7. Laptop Batteries

The new version of Laptops come with a latest Ni-MH battery which does not need the ‘discharge- recharge’ process as in the former ones. So opt for a latest modern model than the ones with the Lithium-ion battery.

Again it goes without saying that try opting for a Blue-tooth connectivity and high-end version if your pocket is heavier as they come with advanced features such as Blue-tooth connectivity, audio and video connections and digital media card readers.

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